Automate and Scale your business with Chatbots

Zap Digital is an innovative marketing company that gives your business the hand it needs to automate and scale with today’s newest technology. Our chatbot can provide self-service queries 24/7, generate personalized quotes and take care of customer satisfaction!

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Chatbots are the future of customer service, automation, and scaling. The bot enables you get more done in half the time by removing repetive tasks from your workload and allowing you more time for what really matters.

Automate Customer Support

Zappie (our chatting virtual assistant) can provide self-service queries 24/7, or answer customer FAQs. Our bot is indispensable for any company looking to save on staffing hours while providing excellent customer care experiences.

Personalized Quotes

Quotes in under 60 seconds with 24/7 availablity based on each individual’s goals and objectives which saves time by providing instant feedback to customers so they'll never have to wait for the answer they seek again!

Automatic Bookings

Zap Digital offers chatbots  to make booking your services at the click of a button without missing any potential customer. Bot is on stand-by 24/7 just waiting to schedule appointments.

Generate and Convert more Leads

With 90%+ open rates, Chatbots help make conversion more seamless by connecting with potential customers and helping them instantly overcome any objections.

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Automate your growth on the world's biggest messaging channels

Grow your revenue and scale with messenger marketing

Ever wondered who your most engaged customers are? Are some people more likely to unsubscribe from your blog than others? Now, you can use Messenger bots to segment and qualify your subscribers so that you know the ideal audience.



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Automate and Scale with Chatbots

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